Kindness is Never Forgotten

People Never Forget Kindness

The most extra-ordinary thing happened to me this week. My kids had finished playing club hockey in the evening and we had quickly nipped into a 24 hour grocery store on the way home to get dinner.

A lady who I had met briefly for the first time at hockey that evening came up to me again, smiling, and said:

“I know this sounds like a really weird thing to ask, but I don’t suppose your son is born on the 22nd of January 2014.”

I was quite taken aback. That’s not an every day question people ask and that was 100% his date of birth.

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What Is Happiness?

Happiness exists in the understanding that the pain holds just as much importance as the beauty.

I think we’ve been taught from such a young age that happiness is meant to be this big, all-consuming thing. That it is this moment that cracks open our bones, changes our lives and sweeps all of the weight inside of us away. That it is something that is awarded to us, gifted to us by the world. That it is something we are all constantly in pursuit of until we find it.

And so we are always waiting.

Waiting for this experience, this simplifying in life, this ‘aha’ moment where the wounds are all healed, and the growth is all organised neatly within our ribcages, and our hearts aren’t afraid of loving anymore, and the warmth never leaves.

But I don’t think happiness is big or infinite at all.

I think real happiness, true happiness exists in acceptance of the fact that we will always be balancing what is light and dark within ourselves. I think real happiness, true happiness exists in the quiet, in the smallest things. In the morning cup of coffee, in the sound of your parents’ voice on the other end of the phone.

I think real happiness, true happiness is believing that you are meant to be here, that you are meant to take up space in this world.

I think real and true happiness is finding the human beings who take care of you – not in a materialistic way, but rather finding the human beings who take care of your soul, who take care of even the most chaotic parts of you.

I think real happiness, true happiness is all around you at all times, pinned and blooming in things you stopped paying attention to because you were always searching for more. Flowers when you take a stroll on the road, the intensity in the air when you meet someone, and you know they’re going to change your life, your pet cuddling with you after a tiring day, the way your stomach flips when you hear your favourite song, the way your eyelashes feel as they blink across your neck when you’re holding them.

And I don’t think happiness is something you find, or that it is this destination you get to where the night never comes, and you are bulletproof and unaffected by the mayhem. I think the mayhem will always, always exist – we are literally made from it; we wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for the crashing and banging of atoms within this universe.

No, I think happiness exists in the understanding that the pain holds just as much importance as the beauty.

I think happiness exists in finding the things that make us feel known and special and at peace in this world, no matter how small or insignificant they feel and letting them save us.

I think happiness exists in learning how to embrace the dark, in learning how to see it as the very thing that makes us appreciate the light!


Source: Unknown.

Children Don’t Need A Perfect Mum. They Need A Happy One.

Last week I had coffee with a friend and she was convinced that she is failing as a mom. She said all the moms around her (or that she follows on social media) seem to have it all together but she messes up daily!

She said other moms are all perfectly put together, have perfectly dressed kids who appear to be just as perfectly behaved. She then asked what is wrong with her because some mornings she can’t even brush her hair!

And this got me thinking, how many of us feel the same way but just don’t voice it? Have you ever felt this comparison pressure? Alone in your mom guilt and too scared of judgment to admit it?

If you have ever asked the question, “what’s wrong with it me”, I’m here to tell you- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! God chose you as the perfectly imperfect mom for your children. There is no better mom for your kids. 

Not one of us is perfect. We all mess up daily but the beauty is that we can give it our best again tomorrow. Gods mercies are new every morning  (I can’t even count how many times I’ve repeated this to myself when I go to bed with mom guilt!)

We judge, criticise and beat ourselves up about failing as a mom because we are comparing ourselves against a perfect standard we assume is there. When in fact it’s just an illusion and is incorrect. NO ONE, (I repeat) NO ONE has it together! So stop believing this lie.

What our children need is not a mom striving to be perfect in everything. What they need is a mom who is happy. A mom full of joy because she knows that God believes she is enough for her children. The Master of the universe knows that you have the skills & abilities to raise your little people better than anyone else! Now isn’t that a glorious truth!

So even if your floors are sticky, your laundry pile is sky high, your hair is in a permanent messy bun and your last meal was your kids unfinished food…. Smile. You are enough for your kids gorgeous mama. Your love, laughter and joyous smile is all they need. Stop comparing. Stop the guilt and walk confidently into the title the role God has given you.

Content and Image Source: Written by Juggling The J’s – on Facebook


Are You Running From Death or Towards Life?

If you’re reading this, this fu$king brain cancer probably got me.

But let me be crystal clear while I’m able: I did not ”lose a battle” against cancer. This is a ridiculous, steamy pile of horse shit that society has dumped on cancer patients. Western medicine, and Western culture, especially, is so uncomfortable talking about death that instead it created this “battle” analogy that basically shames people who die from cancer.

News flash: None of us gets out alive from this rodeo called life.

There is no shame in dying from cancer – or any serious illness. And it doesn’t need to be a battle. It’s a transition that each of us will go through.

I was asked by a shaman, whom I spoke to after my second brain surgery, “Are you running towards life or running away from death?”

Whoa! That got my attention.

There’s a BIG difference. I got it wrong more often than not.

Don’t let fear fuel your choices. Live fearlessly. Run TOWARDS life. Don’t worry about what people will think. Trust me, it doesn’t matter.

Focus on you. Be true to yourself. Be your own best friend. People who tell you you’re selfish are not your people. If the voice in your head says these unkind things, get a new voice. Honor your mental health and seek out a good therapist with the same vigor you’d search for a romantic partner.

Speaking of, be intentional about cultivating friendships that lift you up. As those friendships grow and change, don’t overlook them while you search for that “great love of your life.” (No, I’m not suggesting you sleep with your bestie. But you do you!)

Another unhelpful message that we get from society is that we need a “love of our life,” as a romantic partner.

Single and childless when I was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, I looked around my life and came up sputtering and sobbing from the wave of grief washed over me. I thought I’d be doing this alone… no husband, no kids, no “great love.”

How wrong I was. At the first appointment with my neuro oncologists, one of the nurses diligently hauled in chair after chair for the great loves of my life who came with me that horrible day and many days after that.

I sat and listened while the doctor explained the 12-month treatment plan, focusing on my breathing, then looked around the room…. filled with great loves of my life: incredible women friends whom I had met at various stages of my life.

Surround yourself with people who contradict that unkind voice, people who see your light, and remind you who you are: an amazing soul.

Learn how to receive these reflections from your people. Because they are speaking the Truth.

Love yourself, no matter how weird and silly it might feel. Every morning, give yourself a hug before your feet hit the floor. Look deeply into your eyes in a mirror. Say to yourself, out loud, “I trust you.” That voice in your head might say you’re a dork. Ignore it.

As I prepare to leave this body and embark on this mysterious journey of my soul, I hope these observations from my deathbed are somehow useful.

What I know, deep in my bones, is that learning to love myself has led me to be able to say this: I’m so proud of how I lived.

May you, dear reader, feel the same when you head out on your soul journey, too. Until then, enjoy the ride. And always eat dessert first, especially if there’s pie!

Source: Written by Kerri Grote before she grew her wings

Image: Kerri Grote Facebook page

Rest in peace beautiful lady and thank you for your courage and words of wisdom.

Your Children Were Born For Such A Time As This!

Do Not Worry Parents – Your Children Were Born For Such A Time As This

“Don’t feel sorry for or fear for your kids because the world they are going to grow up in is not what it used to be.

God created them and called them for the exact moment in time that they’re in. Their life wasn’t a coincidence or an accident.

Raise them up to know the power they walk in as children of God.

Train them up in the authority of His Word.

Teach them to walk in faith knowing that God is in control.

Empower them to know they can change the world.

Don’t teach them to be fearful and disheartened by the state of the world but hopeful that they can do something about it.

Every person in all of history has been placed in the time that they were in because of God’s sovereign plan.

He knew Daniel could handle the lions den.

He knew David could handle Goliath.

He knew Esther could handle Haman.

He knew Peter could handle persecution.

He knows that your child can handle whatever challenge they face in their life. He created them specifically for it!

Don’t be scared for your children, but be honored that God chose YOU to parent the generation that is facing the biggest challenges of our lifetime.

Rise up to the challenge.

Raise Daniels, Davids, Esthers and Peters!

God isn’t scratching His head wondering what He’s going to do with this mess of a world.

He has an army He’s raising up to drive back the darkness and make Him known all over the earth.

Don’t let your fear steal the greatness God placed in them. I know it’s hard to imagine them as anything besides our sweet little babies, and we just want to protect them from anything that could ever be hard on them, but they were born for such a time as this.”

The Homeless Piano Player

This is the story of Donald Gould – The Homeless Piano Player

On July 30, 2015, a video of a Donald Gould, a homeless man, playing “Come Sail Away” was uploaded onto Youtube. Donald Gould sat down in front of one of the pianos placed on the sidewalk by the Arts and Cultural Alliance and began playing. That performance captivated everyone on the street. People couldn’t help, but stop and listen to beautiful music this homeless piano player was playing. This one day changed Gould’s life as the video of him playing piano went viral and drew nationwide attention to his talents.


Changing The World Through Leadership: One Home At A Time

Never before has the cry for inspiring leadership been louder!

The world is in desperate need of leaders willing to stand up, stand out and be counted. We need leaders with vision, passion and integrity. We need leaders who put themselves last and are here, first and foremost, to serve. Every leader was once a child who grew up in a home. What if each and every parent saw their role as an opportunity to turn these challenging times we are facing into a leadership training exercise for the next generation? What if we saved the best versions of ourselves for our kids every day instead of them getting the left overs after a crazy day. Maybe, just maybe, we could actually have a chance at raising an inspired generation, injected with integrity and fervour to heal our broken world.

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