My commitment to you

My words come from deep within my heart in the hope that they reach into yours. I love fiercely and feel deeply. I am not an expert or a psychologist. I write from my own 42 years of life experiences and I promise to always bring my authentic self to the table.

My greatest passions are people and human truths because after all, when we acknowledge the dark, we are often set free to live in the light.

In my life, when I have been lost, encouragement has been the wind beneath my wings which helped bring me back to my true north.

If, in some small way, I can do the same for just one person, then my words have been worth it. Thank you joining me. Please feel free to share, comment or drop me an email and tell me your story. I would love to hear from you.

A little bit about me

Born and raised in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, I am a very proud African. I have lived in all the major cities in South Africa, as well as London and Nairobi, Kenya.

I am happiest when I am in wild, open spaces and can marvel at the golden sun setting over the vast horizon. I am crazy about the ocean, the bush and wildlife. I love roses, tea in the mornings and gin and tonic at sunset.

I am married to a gorgeous, hard-working man who equally loves the outdoors and fishing. We have two incredible kids that I thank God for every night (well most nights). My family and close friends are my greatest treasures.

I find my strength and reassurance in God’s word and His truth.

To be sure, there will be many hard days on this crazy journey we call life, but if you pause and look around, I hope you will also see the vast reservoirs of love, kindness and beauty in this fragile, magnificent world.

Work I Do

My soul screams with delight when I build brands and people. Both of these require me to write and to tell stories.

When people are my focus, I tell stories to encourage people and organisations to become thriving individuals and communities.

When I build brands, I create stories that are so enthralling that people lose track of their wallets.