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May this site be a place that you can escape to, to find the reassurance and encouragement you need to step boldly and bravely into the world. Every day we are bombarded with negativity that makes us fearful and keeps us small. But the world is done an injustice when you don’t shine.

Hardships, insecurities and struggles plague all of us. But as much as life is messy, it is equally magnificently beautiful. We just need to ruthlessly seek out the positive and encouraging things around us because our minds shape our reality and it’s worth making our one, little life, the absolute best it can be.

48 Random Things I learnt In The Attempted Insurrection

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and Everything In Between

Yowzer Trowzer living through an attempted insurrection is not for the faint hearted! I hope I never experience another one in my lifetime! But just in case I should ever find myself in a time of extreme crisis, here is a list of things I learned. Feel free to add yours to the list so we can never say we are not well and truly prepared, mentally and physically!

1.) Putting kids on food rations is not easy!

2.) I am a comfort eater (not easy when you are on food rations)

3.) When retailers limit purchases to 15 items only, what items will make it into your trolley? (I made sure tea, sugar, milk and of course, CHOCOLATE made it into the trolley.)

4.) You will swear A LOT – in your head (continuously) and maybe even out loud too!

5.) Don’t piss off your neighbor: South Africans have a lot of ammunition

6.) Hoarders had their time to shine with packed pantrys!

7.) South African men are the best – working by day, patrolling by night (sorry metro men you are out – rough and rugged is in!)

8.) South African women are epic too – Lara Crofts are alive and well in KZN

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Hunger versus COVID? It’s Time To Open Up The Economy Again

When Facing Potential Hunger Or COVID, I Didn’t Once Think Of COVID

Two weeks ago when things went belly up in Kwazulu Natal with the unsuccessful insurrection, I found myself on the third day worried about where food was going to come from. Our fridge was running empty quickly and I needed to make a plan. I got wind that some courageous store owner was going to try open and heed the call for people’s urgent cry for food so I jumped in my car to wait in the queue in earnest.

Word spread fast and within 30 minutes a couple thousand people must have gathered outside the said retailer. And then it struck me: here we were, almost at the peak of the third COVID wave, and not one person was worried about the crowd. Given the choice between feeding your family and facing COVID, people were very clearly more concerned with the former.

How God Used Two People From Different Backgrounds To Spread The Message of Hope

“And Now These Three Things Remain: “Faith, Hope and Love” (By Abby Scott)

During the recent unrest in Kwazulu Natal I decided to help protect my community by joining the security and patrol teams. I was joined by a young man who was equally willing to serve. The first time I saw him I actually thought he was there to beg for food. Please don’t judge my automatic assumption: he was not well dressed, had dread locks in his hair, his teeth were terrible and it all added up to what we normally see and assume is a homeless man or beggar.

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I have always believed that both positivity and negativity are contagious. Negativity produces fear and keeps us living small, safe lives. Positivity encourages and releases creativity. I created this blog to put more positivity into this world because as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.