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Be A Mr Jensen

Be the person that seeks out someone’s strengths and not their weaknesses. Your observations may just change their life. This is a heart warming true life story of a teacher who changed the trajectory of a child’s life by simply observing what made him unique. That child has grown up to achieve remarkable things all because of the wisdom of one man: Mr Jensen.

Help People By Reminding Them Of Their Strengths.

Help someone out of a dark hole by shining a light on them. 

I read an article the other day (I wish I could find it) which really stuck with me. It was about helping people who are in a dark place. It said that it is not our job to remind people or point out to them what their weakness is.  When people fall off the path, it is instead more helpful to pull people out of their dark hole by reminding them of who they were when the sun shone brighter. We should remind people of their strengths.

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