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Resilience Despite Ramaphosa Rumblings

Yes, I too was feeling the weight of yet another political upheaval yesterday.

The truth is, almost all the politicians have dirty hands, but some hands are filthy. It is my belief that those who thrive in the filth are doing their best to discredit the man at the top so they can deepen their pockets once more. Yes what Ramaphosa did was wrong, but it is precisely because he does have a conscience that he was willing to step down, unlike many other politicians. I can promise you that Ramaphosa is not the only businessman in South Africa to have done cash deals. In fact, I may even be hard pressed to find businessmen that are 100% clean. As Jesus said: “May he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

Yesterday, I was personally approached by three people who thanked me for my positive perspective on Africa. They said my words help them. So I wanted to write today to those of you who have woken up with heavy hearts to remind you why I love Africa.

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Why I Love Being An African…

There is no place in the world that I would rather live than Africa. Well done to Tanner Wareham Music for capturing the magic that is found in Africa and thank you Antje Fourie for sharing this with me – we need more JOY spreaders, just like YOU guys!

We’re Coming HOME!!

This post was written by Antoinette Takis Stoltenkamp who is imminently returning back to South Africa from Europe. She wrote it on a JHB group and it’s gone viral as South Africans are clearly sensitive to the large number or people emigrating. It’s a beautiful reminder that South Africa sure ain’t perfect but it’s HOME and Antoinette has chosen to water the grass and make it greener in the place she loves most! It’s a heart warming read from someone who has emigrated but is coming back and there are many like her, but somehow good news doesn’t seem to get as much air time!!”

“INCOMING alert!! After more than two years abroad, we are coming HOME and I have never been more excited about anything in my life!

We left with the same narrative as so many other South Africans’… to give our children a better life, a more secure future… blah blah blah! Free education, safe streets, free healthcare, unlimited supply of electricity, no crime or corruption, great retirement opportunity, but OMG I CANNOT WAIT TO GET OUT OF HERE.

Never again will I ever take for granted the uniqueness, the vibrancy and the energy of our homeland.

Who needs electricity 24/7 when you have sunlight and energy literally emanating from the people.

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Why I Am Proud To Call Myself A South African

Today as we celebrate Heritage day, it’s a moment to pause and reflect on what it means to be a South African. What makes me proud to be an African?

Shew, the question alone brings a lump to my throat….

It hasn’t been an easy year being a South African, especially if you are from Kwazulu Natal. Covid, businesses in distress, riots, fire, looting, home schooling, unrest, a massively incompetent government and of course crime. Many people have “skriked” properly and are pulling the plug. I don’t blame them and I don’t judge them. Africa is not a place for the faint hearted. We, however, are staying put.

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A Warning From A Zimbabwean Living in SA

My fellow South Africans, do not be fooled, do not be used. We were once fooled in Zimbabwe and were made to loot farms, destroy our infrastructure, burn down industries and make our country ungovernable, all in the name of some selfish politicians and individuals who have nothing but their own interest at heart.

Yes we looted groceries that lasted us just a week or a month, and look at us now: we are now a basket case, while the children of those same politicians are dinning and whining abroad.

We burnt our factories and industries where our fathers and brothers worked. Now we are nothing but gardeners, waiters and vendors.

We looted productive farms and burnt down machinery that provided enough food, not just for us, but the entire region. Now we crossing borders just to get basic foods.

We were made to run around, singing and chanting politicians names day and night, while they were busy planning for their future.

We burnt each others homes, while the politicians built high walls around their mansions. Now we are renting shacks and back rooms in foreign countries.

We killed each other for no reason. We destroyed our own country, our future, in the name of old politicians who had achieved and lived their lives. Most of them are dead now, yet we remain with no future.

We are now a laughing stock. We are now labelled refugees, asylum seekers and many other painful names. We are scattered all over the world, separated from our families and loved ones.

The so called heroes who used us are nowhere to help us.

My fellow South Africans, learn from us.

I wish I could be given a platform to warn you how all this will end.

Don’t be fooled, don’t be used, tomorrow you’ll be left in the cold.

I am a telling you from experience, this will not end well.


Source: written by a Zimbabwean living now in South Africa, away from his family who is stuck in Zimbabwe and he sends what little money home he can every month.

What’s Really Happening In SA?

Dear friends,

Many of you outside of South Africa are wondering what is really going on. So here is a very simple outline. The thing is obviously far more complex and nuanced than can be set out in a brief note but this will give you some picture of what is really happening.

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48 Random Things I learnt In The Attempted Insurrection

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and Everything In Between

Yowzer Trowzer living through an attempted insurrection is not for the faint hearted! I hope I never experience another one in my lifetime! But just in case I should ever find myself in a time of extreme crisis, here is a list of things I learned. Feel free to add yours to the list so we can never say we are not well and truly prepared, mentally and physically!

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Hunger versus COVID? It’s Time To Open Up The Economy Again

When Facing  Potential Hunger Or COVID, I Didn’t Once Think Of COVID

Two weeks ago when things went belly up in Kwazulu Natal with the unsuccessful insurrection, I found myself on the third day worried about where food was going to come from. Our fridge was running empty quickly and I needed to make a plan. I got wind that some courageous store owner was going to try open and heed the call for people’s urgent cry for food so I jumped in my car to wait in the queue in earnest.

Word spread fast and within 30 minutes a couple thousand people must have gathered outside the said retailer. And then it struck me: here we were, almost at the peak of the third COVID wave, and not one person was worried about the crowd. Given the choice between feeding your family and facing COVID, people were very clearly more concerned with the former.

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SA’s Riots: Spreading The Message of Hope

And Now These Three Things Remain: “Faith, Hope and Love” 

During the recent unrest in Kwazulu Natal I decided to help protect my community by joining the security and patrol teams. I was joined by a young man who was equally willing to serve. The first time I saw him I actually thought he was there to beg for food. Please don’t judge my automatic assumption: he was not well dressed, had dread locks in his hair, his teeth were terrible and it all added up to what we normally see and assume is a homeless man or beggar.

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Weep South Africa If You Must

Even lights that try to shine bright some times go out.

Yesterday, Friday the 16th of July, my flame was extinguished. I was very emotional and I think that’s totally okay. I was crying because I knew the imminent danger was over. I was crying because I was moving out of survival mode. I was crying for the horrific damage to property and the loss of businesses. I was crying for environmental damage. I was crying for the future ahead that will be characterized by job losses, hunger and a harder life, especially for the poverty stricken. I was crying because I felt God’s goodness like never before. And yes, I was crying for the extraordinary love and courage that I have witnessed this week.

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I Have Never Been More Proud To Be A South African

Never in my lifetime, have I been this proud to call myself a South African, even though yesterday was one of the most terrifying days of my life. We have not slept a wink since Sunday. Many people have lost their businesses and their livelihoods entirely. We were personally not excluded from this destruction.

You were very clever Mr Zuma. You planned your targets very well. You knew exactly where to throw the matches to set the skyline alight. You hit certain factories because you wanted massive flames. Watching the TV now, you and your team are probably rubbing your greedy hands together and congratulating yourselves on what you think is an ingenious plan and a roaring success.

But Mr Zuma, I want to tell you loud and clear, that you are wrong.

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Unite and Be Brave South Africa!

I Know It’s Scary Out There But Evil Can Only Persist When Good People Do Nothing

I woke up to the sound of bullets this morning so loud that I thought someone was banging on my door. Parts of South Africa are burning today, especially in the province I live in: Kwazulu Natal.

Protesters, apparently angry that Jacob Zuma, our former President, has been jailed are having a field day burning trucks, malls, property and looting to their hearts content.

This chaos started last Thursday and has escalated. I was afraid this morning. The gun shots and shouting were off the charts and my fear started rearing its ugly head.

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