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I Will Not Apologise For My Pricing

No Small Business Should Apolgise For Their Pricing.

My pricing allows me to make a profit.

Which allows me to pay my bills.

Which also allows me to stay in business.

My pricing allows me to employ people.

Which allows them to pay their bills.

My pricing allows me to pay myself for the countless hours I work. I’m truly never “off the clock”.

My pricing keeps a roof over my head and food on my table.

My pricing allows me to be able to donate to charitable organizations.

My pricing allows me to create a place for people to go when they need to pick up a gift.

I own a small business. One where the CEO personally packs up orders and takes out the office trash. One where the CEO knows your name and truly cares about you.

I am not A 1 Billion Rand Company. I’m unable provide things at the “lowest price”, order millions of units, and still stay in business.

I’m not the “cheapest”. I’m also not “the most expensive”.

My pricing is what it is to allow this small business to keep going which allows me to keep making a positive impact.

I will not apologize for my pricing.

No small business should.


Source: Daco Conradie