I Will Not Apologise For My Pricing

No Small Business Should Apolgise For Their Pricing.

My pricing allows me to make a profit.

Which allows me to pay my bills.

Which also allows me to stay in business.

My pricing allows me to employ people.

Which allows them to pay their bills.

My pricing allows me to pay myself for the countless hours I work. I’m truly never “off the clock”.

My pricing keeps a roof over my head and food on my table.

My pricing allows me to be able to donate to charitable organizations.

My pricing allows me to create a place for people to go when they need to pick up a gift.

I own a small business. One where the CEO personally packs up orders and takes out the office trash. One where the CEO knows your name and truly cares about you.

I am not A 1 Billion Rand Company. I’m unable provide things at the “lowest price”, order millions of units, and still stay in business.

I’m not the “cheapest”. I’m also not “the most expensive”.

My pricing is what it is to allow this small business to keep going which allows me to keep making a positive impact.

I will not apologize for my pricing.

No small business should.


Source: Daco Conradie

If You Choose A Woman…

Every Woman Is Unique…..

If you choose a working woman, you have to accept that she cannot manage the house full time.

If you choose a housewife who can take care of and manage the household completely, you need to accept that she does not make money.

If you choose a submissive woman, you must accept that she depends on you.

If you choose to be with a brave woman, you must accept that she is not risk averse and that she is assertive and has her own thoughts.

If you choose a beautiful woman, you have to accept the expenses as well.

If you choose to be with a very successful woman, you must also accept that she is strong, has boundaries and is firm.

No woman is perfect.

A woman has her own “good thing” that defines who she is and makes her unique.

Maybe she is all of the above. Maybe she is none of the above. Maybe she has bits and pieces of all the women described. Whatever she is, she is wonderful and perfect in her uniqueness. Just love her.

Source: Unknown

Know Your Worth

You Are Worthless In the Wrong Place

A father said to his daughter: “For your graduation I would like to give you a car that I bought a long time ago. But before I give it to you, I would like you to take it to a car dealership in the city to find out how much they are willing to offer you should you want to sell it.”

The girl came back to her father and said: “They offered 1000 Euros because it looks very old.”

The father said: “Now take it to the second hand car dealership for a valuation.”

The girl returned to her father and said: “The second hand car dealer offered 100 Euros because it is a very old car and a great deal of restoration is required to modernize it.”

The father then asked his daughter to take it to the passionate car club which was filled with car experts and enthusiasts.

When she returned she said to her father: “Some people in the club offered me 100,000 Euros because it is a rare car that is in good condition, with great specifications and incredibly rare”

Then the father said, “I wanted to let you know that you are not worth anything if you are not in the right place. If you are not appreciated, do not be angry, it may just mean you are in the wrong place. Don’t stay in a place where no one sees your value.”


Source: Unknown