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Resilience Despite Ramaphosa Rumblings

Yes, I too was feeling the weight of yet another political upheaval yesterday.

The truth is, almost all the politicians have dirty hands, but some hands are filthy. It is my belief that those who thrive in the filth are doing their best to discredit the man at the top so they can deepen their pockets once more. Yes what Ramaphosa did was wrong, but it is precisely because he does have a conscience that he was willing to step down, unlike many other politicians. I can promise you that Ramaphosa is not the only businessman in South Africa to have done cash deals. In fact, I may even be hard pressed to find businessmen that are 100% clean. As Jesus said: “May he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

Yesterday, I was personally approached by three people who thanked me for my positive perspective on Africa. They said my words help them. So I wanted to write today to those of you who have woken up with heavy hearts to remind you why I love Africa.

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