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SA’s Riots: Spreading The Message of Hope

“And Now These Three Things Remain: “Faith, Hope and Love” (By Abby Scott)

During the recent unrest in Kwazulu Natal I decided to help protect my community by joining the security and patrol teams. I was joined by a young man who was equally willing to serve. The first time I saw him I actually thought he was there to beg for food. Please don’t judge my automatic assumption: he was not well dressed, had dread locks in his hair, his teeth were terrible and it all added up to what we normally see and assume is a homeless man or beggar.

Will You Rise In Love or Sink In Fear

Are you Shrinking Back Or Rising Up?

“When the call comes, will you shrink back in fear, or rise up in love?”

Too often, fear, and dare I even say, self-involvement, holds us back from doing what we were inherently born to do: serve and love one another. A few year back, I had a life experience that will remain with me forever.

I answered my phone with delight upon seeing my friend’s name on the screen!
“Hi my friend!” I screeched with glee, “how wonderful to hear from you.”

It’s Time To Dream Again

Have you had times in your life when you felt lost?

Have you ever felt like you were floating and not so sure footed? Of course there are plenty people out there who are going hell for leather at life, achieving and doing remarkable things. They inspire me and I genuinely am happy for them. But in a way, it also exacerbates my plight.

When Burdens Seem Too Heavy To Bear

You Were Not Made To Carry Your Burdens Alone

Are you carrying burdens that feel too heavy? Do you feel that you have tried and tried and it just doesn’t feel like you are getting anywhere? Do you feel stuck? I want you to know that you are not alone. Financial pressure, poor health, sickness of loved ones, death, divorce, loneliness, abuse, addiction and rejection. There are many people fighting some serious battles out there. I know you are weary. I know you are worried. I know you are battling to see the light, but hang in there. You are not meant to carry your burdens alone.

A Terminal Diagnosis: Bucket Lists and Forgiveness

A Terminal Diagnosis:

I was recently in hospital for a small procedure. As the nurse walked me into my room and pointed out my bed, my roommate sat bolt upright and gave me a warm greeting. She swung her legs over the edge of her bed and beamed a massive smile. She was a lovely looking lady and I could see immediately that she was full of character.

I settled into my bed and opened one of the two books I had brought with me, ready to immerse and inspire myself while I waited for my surgery. The words of the book jumped off the page: “Great influencers are not those that give answers but instead ask the right questions.” I paused to think about that powerful line. It was in fact the only line I was going to read as my room mate was going to maximize her time with her captive inmate.

The Painful Sting of Being Excluded

When Everyone Is Invited, Except You:

I could see from across the school playground that my usually larger than life 5 year old daughter was having a bad day. She sat alone in the school sandpit, mindlessly flicking sand. She spotted me and waved sadly which confirmed my suspicion. My daughter never just waved. Usually when she spotted me, she would race towards me like she was competing in the Olympics and dive into my arms with glee, her little lips covering my face in kisses. I approached quietly and asked what was wrong.

Even Super Mum’s Have Tired Days

Even Super Mum’s Get Tired

To all the exhausted Mum’s out there, I want to remind you that you are doing a great job. Even Super-Mum’s get tired. Of course we know that this too shall pass. We know we can do hard things. We know that time is fleeting and that we need to “savor every moment” but sometimes, it’s okay to just wallow in the mud of exhaustion and proclaim from your roof rafters that you are as tired as the wings of a bird.

Showing Up Matters. Heres Why

From the Mouths of Babes: Showing Up

Sometimes kids say the smartest things. I had just collected my 6 year old son from school when he casually asked, “Mum, do you know why George and I are such good friends?”

“No,” I replied, “tell me why….”

“It’s because we show up for each other. That’s what friends do. They show up for each other, even when they don’t really want to.”

“You are so right my love,” I replied somewhat startled at the simple and yet profound statement. “Explain what you mean a little more to me,” I urged in order to understand if there were any further nuggets of gold inside that precious young mind.

Asking for help opens the door to deeper friendships

Why do I find asking for help so difficult?

I returned home from hospital from an emergency appendix that had turned gangrene and that needed to be removed, fast. But just because I was home it didn’t mean I was back to the usual, run around mumma that I was prior to surgery. I needed to rest and recover and that meant I needed help from friends to do the everyday tasks that suddenly looked like insurmountable mountains.

The pain from the op and the exhaustion from the anesthetic hung over me like a gloomy, rainy day and just confirmed, against my will, that I was not leaving my house for a few days.

How the hell was I going to ask anyone for help?

And why was it so darn hard for me to whisper such an easy line: “Hello my friend, please can you help me?”

Your Encouragement Helped Me Take The First Step

The Power Of Encouragement:

Words have power. Words begin and end wars. They create and destroy families. They break hearts. They heal them. If you have the right words, there’s nothing on earth you can’t do.”

I have never considered myself a writer. And I still don’t. I have never had any formal writing training and I am by no means one of those super intelligent people who use big words and can create magical sentences. But I do love words. I often find myself trailing social media for well written content. When I do make the time to write, I am humbled by the warm response and encouragement I receive.