Are You Spending Your Time Or Wasting It?

I will never forget the day my mentor called me to say that that cancer had taken over and that there was nothing further the doctors could do. In essence his call to me was a goodbye call. He had been my mentor since I started working and we had always stayed in touch, even though our geographies were spluttered around the world.

In the silence that followed as I tried to digest the enormity of what he was telling me, he followed with these wise words:

“Use your time well.

None of us know how much time we are going to be given.

Always ask yourself: “Am I wasting time or am I spending time?”

If you hate what you do, and you are half good at it, imagine how well you could do if you actually loved what you did.”

This post is in memory of you Pod. Thank you for this beautiful lesson and thank you even more for the impact you had on my life.


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