True Royalty Is Not Of This World

While I was watching Queen Elizabeth II being laid to rest today, which was a remarkable and fitting send off for an icon of our time, I couldn’t help but think that the greatest human to ever have lived, shared none of the media coverage, none of the wealth, none of the adoration, no jewels, no heads of state to mourn or heads of church to preach at His passing.

The son of God was born into poverty in a stable surrounded by livestock, and he died alone, beaten and tortured, nailed to a cross, with a crown of thorns on his head. The world hero worships wealth, power, fame and titles.

The Jesus story is so contrary to human nature that there is just no ways anyone could have made that stuff up! His is an upside down story. One that preaches love, faith and hope. His riches were miracles and eternal life.

For me, it is a reminder to keep trying to see the world through Godly eyes and to try and look for the things, He would see and hold important….

Queen Elizabeth, daughter to the greatest King to have ever lived, I am sure you were welcomed with arms wide open to His kingdom, for eternal life.

Romans 12:2


Image Source: NBC News

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