Kindness is Never Forgotten

People Never Forget Kindness

The most extra-ordinary thing happened to me this week. My kids had finished playing club hockey in the evening and we had quickly nipped into a 24 hour grocery store on the way home to get dinner.

A lady who I had met briefly for the first time at hockey that evening came up to me again, smiling, and said:

“I know this sounds like a really weird thing to ask, but I don’t suppose your son is born on the 22nd of January 2014.”

I was quite taken aback. That’s not an every day question people ask and that was 100% his date of birth.

“Yes,” I said with a raised eyebrow and a questioning look.

“I knew it!” she responded with glee!

She went on to explain that the day my son was born, the 22nd of January, she had been the caesarian before me that had gone pear shaped and therefore delayed me going into theatre.

I remembered the event fully well. I had been wheeled off to theatre to welcome my child to the world and there I lay for hours while they tried to save the life of the lady who had gone into theatre before me.

“How on earth, do you remember me?” I responded. It had been almost 8.5 years and we hadn’t seen each other since we left hospital.

She didn’t hesitate for second and responded:

“People never forget kindness……..”

My friend, you never know the impact you are going to have on people. You may very well think you don’t matter and that your actions are small and insignificant but this was an incredible reminder that simple acts of kindness are very often never forgotten by the recipient.

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