Inspiring Reflections on Life By Pope Francis

Hospitals Are The Most Beautiful Churches on Earth…

Hospital walls have heard more honest prayers than churches.

They’ve seen far more sincere kisses than those at airports.

It is at the hospital that you see a homophobic being saved by a gay doctor.

The wealthy doctor saving the life of a beggar.

In the ICU you see a Jew taking care of a racist.

A police patient and a prisoner in the same ward receiving the same care.

A rich patient in the liver transplant queue ready to receive the organ from a poor donor.

When hospitals touch the wounds of people that the universe brings together on divine purpose, we realize that we were not created to be alone.

The absolute truth of people, most of the time, only appears at the moment of pain or the real threat of definitive loss.

Hospitals are a place where human beings strip off their masks and reveal their true essence. Raw, naked and real, the way you were when you were born. Each of us at our most vulnerable and yet equally at our most beautiful.

This life will pass too quickly.

Do not fight with people.

Do not criticize your body so much.

Don’t complain so much.

Don’t lose sleep over the bills.

Be sure to kiss your loved ones.

Don’t worry so much about making the house spotless.

Goods and assets must be conquered but do not dedicate yourself to accumulating inheritance.

Keep the dogs closer.

Throw away clutter.

Use the new cutlery.

Don’t skimp on your favorite perfume, use it for a walk with yourself.

Wear your favorite sneakers and reuse your favorite clothes as often as you want. So what?!?

If it is not wrong, why not do it now? Today!

Why not take a break now?

Why not make the call now?

Why not forgive now?

Christmas, Friday and next year is not guaranteed.

Don’t put things off, waiting until you have money, until love comes, until everything is perfect.

There is no such thing as perfect.

Human beings cannot achieve these things because we were simply not made to complete ourselves here.

This life is a learning opportunity.

So, ENJOY this life essay and do it now.

Respect yourself and respect others.

Follow your path and do not comment, judge or meddle with the path chosen by other people.

Love more. Forgive more. Embrace more. Live more intensely and leave the rest in the Hands of the Creator.


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