A Message From Zimbabwean Living in SA

My fellow South Africans, do not be fooled, do not be used. We were once fooled in Zimbabwe and were made to loot farms, destroy our infrastructures, burn down industries and made our country ungovernable, all in the name of some selfish politicians and individuals who have nothing but their own interest at heart.

Yes we looted groceries that lasted us just a week or a month, and look at us now, we are now a basket case, while their children are dinning and whining abroad.

We burnt our factories and industries were our fathers and brothers worked and took us to school, now we are nothing but gardeners, waiters and vendors.

We looted productive farms and burnt down machinery that provided enough food not just for us but the entire region, now we crossing boarders just to get basic foods.

We were made to run around singing and chanting their names day and night, while they were busy planning for their future.

We burnt each others houses and homes, while they build high walls around their mansions, now we are renting shacks and back rooms in foreign countries.

We killed each other for no reason, we destroyed our own country our future, for old people who had achieved and lived their lives.

Most of them are dead now, given, yet we remain with no future, we are now a laughing stock. We are now labelled refugees, asylum seekers and many other painful names. We are scattered all over the world, seperated from our families and loved ones, the so called heros who used us are nowhere to help us.

My fellow South Africans, learn from us.

I wish i could be given a platform to warn you how all this will end.

Don’t be fooled, don’t be used, tomorrow you’ll be left in the cold.

I am a telling you from experience, this will not end well.



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