48 Random Things I learnt In The Attempted Insurrection

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and Everything In Between

Yowzer Trowzer living through an attempted insurrection is not for the faint hearted! I hope I never experience another one in my lifetime! But just in case I should ever find myself in a time of extreme crisis, here is a list of things I learned. Feel free to add yours to the list so we can never say we are not well and truly prepared, mentally and physically!

1.) Putting kids on food rations is not easy!

2.) I am a comfort eater (not easy when you are on food rations)

3.) When retailers limit purchases to 15 items only, what items will make it into your trolley? (I made sure tea, sugar, milk and of course, CHOCOLATE made it into the trolley.)

4.) You will swear A LOT – in your head (continuously) and maybe even out loud too!

5.) Don’t piss off your neighbor: South Africans have a lot of ammunition

6.) Hoarders had their time to shine with packed pantrys!

7.) South African men are the best – working by day, patrolling by night (sorry metro men you are out – rough and rugged is in!)

8.) South African women are epic too – Lara Crofts are alive and well in KZN

9.) The super rich find planes the rest of us didn’t even know existed

10.) Cape Town is suddenly a super popular holiday destination

11.) What do you pack in your escape bag? (passport, bank card, a bit of cash….)

12.) What’s your plan if you have to flee your home suddenly? Where you going to go? (So many people had in depth details of their plans down to the last second!)

13.) No you can’t sleep in your regular PJ’s just in case you have to flee suddenly – and running shoes, warm jackets and torches are always in their set place just in case you need them quickly.

14.) It’s okay to keep your slippers on all day (and maybe even your PJ’s)

15.) No one gave a continental about wearing make up! I saw everyone in their natural state and they are truly gorgeous

16.) When limited food sources becomes available you have to fight the “just-in-case” urge to buy it, especially when you don’t need it (and someone else may need it more)

17.) Cow boys were in their elements (and I was super grateful for each and every cow boy)

18.) Gun fire and explosions will penetrate through every fiber in your being and make you shake whether you are aware of it or not

19.) Your inner circle becomes very obvious – who do you gladly share your last bits of food and alcohol with?

20.) You unashamedly worship and Raise Your Hallelujah’s – LOUDLY!

21.) People on night duty smoke a lot of cigarettes

22.) Your gifting gushes out unconsciously as you serve and get involved in your own way

23.) Tough times reveal people’s true characters

24.) One week can feel like a year (and age you ten years too)

25.) Hustlers are the best – find out who they are and make friends with them

26.) You will never be happier and cry more tears of joy than when you see food trucks arrive

27.) There are some truly courageous heroes out there – I feel privileged to live amongst them

28.) You will never feel so loved in your life as people all around the world send you messages of support (even if you don’t have time to read the messages)

29.) You will never see humans from all walks of life working together more beautifully as they do when their lives depend on it

30.) Payment for services becomes secondary – people will happily give you goods first and trust you will get around to payment at some point (why can’t we always be like this?)

31.) Cleaning is very therapeutic and a messy home is totally acceptable in a crisis

32.) You need very little sleep when you are functioning on adrenaline

33.) When the adrenaline stops the emotions start

34.) Fortune favours the brave

35.) Fear is a mindset that serves no one

36.) Evil can only prosper when good people sit by and do nothing

37.) Civil society holds massive power and influence when we use it collectively

38.) Don’t wait for government to help you – you will wait a long time! Mobilise and organise yourselves.

39.) Leaders who give reassurance and hope are vital to the human psyche

40.) Ideally try to make sure that there isn’t a ban on alcohol purchases at the same time as an attempted insurrection – sometimes a sip or two of the good stuff is needed to calm the nerves!

41.) For those who had stock of booze – you will have a big blow out when the danger is over – you need it.

42.) Always make sure you have a full tank of fuel – just in case!

43.) South Africans laugh a lot coz we live through a lot. Nuff said!

44.) Children are incredible how they just continue to live with innocence, love and joy

45.) Fake news spreaders irk my soul – some people LOVE drama! Check your sources before sending people!

46.) When everything is at the cusp of being taken away from you, all you care about are your people.

47.) God is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and He carried me through and answered so many prayers! God visits every continent but I am now convinced that he lives in Africa!

48.) Peace and health are the two greatest privileges on earth

What did you learn? Let me know and we can add them to the list!

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