I Have Never Been More Proud To Be A South African

Never in my lifetime, have I been this proud to call myself a South African, even though yesterday was one of the most terrifying days of my life. We have not slept a wink since Sunday. Many people have lost their businesses and their livelihoods entirely. We were personally not excluded from this destruction.

You were very clever Mr Zuma. You planned your targets very well. You knew exactly where to throw the matches to set the skyline alight. You hit certain factories because you wanted massive flames. Watching the TV now, you and your team are probably rubbing your greedy hands together and congratulating yourselves on what you think is an ingenious plan and a roaring success.

But Mr Zuma, I want to tell you loud and clear, that you are wrong.

You sought to divide us but we are united like never before. You sought to break our hearts with hatred. Instead our hearts may be broken but they are open and giving to each other like I have not seen in decades. You sought to make us afraid and thought we would hide away at home. Oh no, with courage we have put ourselves between you and what you want to destroy, protecting our loved ones at the same time. You sought to incite racism but we will not stoop to that level. We know it takes one person to light a match and that the majority of South Africans are NOT behind you. In fact, more and more local communities are coming together as a united front to stop this chaos.

I have observed that in a crisis people don’t think: they default to their gifting immediately and they give, give, give in abundance and love. Cowboys are patrolling this wild west with remarkable courage, leaders are leading, medics are treating, security is securing, chefs are cooking, pharmacists are medicating, communicators are communicating and our children inspire me the most as they still find the capacity to laugh.

Oh Mr Zuma, you have always sought to divide us and incite hatred. But you won’t find those people on my team. Possibly your force is a million people strong. And yes, they can cause damage. But my team is 49 million people strong and we are united in love like never before.

Today, more than any other day in my life, I am truly proud to be a South African.

Unite South Africa. Unite!

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