The Real Casualty of COVID: Human Connection

We Are Who We Are Because Of Others

We were created to live in community. Not to live alone behind closed doors. Yes, we are doing what needs to be done to keep COVID infections down but once enough vaccines have been administered and herd immunity has been achieved, I hope we never again take for granted the joy that comes from human connection.

God’s two greatest commandments are: Love God and love others.

Loving others is best done face to face. Eye to eye. Hand to hand. We were made for each other. That’s the way we have been wired.

My friend, this COVID world too shall pass.

My plea to you, when this is all over, is get out there and LIVE! May we love one another and connect like never before.

Good things can come from bad if we learn from the past.

Feeling Overwhelmed With This New Covid Reality? You Are Not Alone…

This morning I walked into a boutique gift shop to buy my mother a birthday gift and as I walked in I could see the shop assistant, in her mid-twenties wipe away the tears running down her cheeks.

“Are you okay?” I asked concerned.

Embarrassed that a customer had seen her cry, she replied: “I am so sorry. Everything is okay. Let me know if I can help with anything.”

I walked to the shelves laden with beautiful and shiny gifts and started looking for the perfect gift.

And then God whispered to me: “Julia, my people are my most prized treasures. The shiny gifts can wait.”

I glanced in the direction of the shop assistant again and I could see more tears streaming from her eyes although she was doing her best to wipe them away as they emerged. There was no one else in the shop as it was still early so I quietly approached the counter she was sitting behind.

“I can see you are super sad about something,” I gently probed. “Sometimes just sharing a problem is halving it. Would it help if we chatted about it?”

She glanced at me for a second contemplating whether she could trust me, and then she said the words that I have no doubt many are feeling right now:

“I am just feeling so overwhelmed with life……”

Navigating Our New Reality

COVID, death or sickness of loved ones, limited social lives, loneliness, job losses, remote working, home-schooling and uncertainty on how to pay bills. Life is very heavy for many people at the moment. We have no idea what people are facing so maybe the least we can all do is be kind.

Yes we are wearing masks but we can still smile at each other. Smiles can still be seen in the eyes. Say something kind and complimentary to strangers, shop assistants and cashiers. Send a message of love to friend. You never know, a few kind words really may change the trajectory of someone’s day.

I loved this quote by renown psychologist Adam Grant and I wanted to share it with anyone else in the overwhelmed boat:

“Over the past year, if you didn’t master the guitar, launch a business or write a novel it doesn’t mean that you lack discipline. It means you were doing your best to stay afloat during a FREAKING PANDEMIC. Just to survive is an accomplishment to celebrate.”

Our Places Of Connection Have Been Intermittently Closed

Places of gathering where we previously connected to escape modern pressures have been forbidden or closed, either permanently or intermittently: churches, restaurants, bars, beaches, sports stadiums, weddings, parties, offices, parks, lodges and hotels.

Old people are dying not from Covid but from social isolation.

Funerals are happening online and those that attend physically are unsure whether to embrace grieving friends and family for fear of infections. Seeing someone in pain and not being able to touch them goes against the grain of human nature.

One of the few remaining places for social connection is social media which we all know is not real connection.

We are sad because we are missing each other. Our hearts are not complete without each other.

COVID has highlighted to me just how much we need each other.

Humans need to look into each others eyes. We need to embrace each other. We need to hold the hands of the aged. We need to have parties. We need to celebrate and we need to laugh together.

This too shall pass and once it does may we never take for granted the real gifts of life: the gift of love, the gift of friendship and the gift of human connection.

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