New Moon Magic by Siri Karam EarthTree

Sat Nam!

This month the New Moon occurs tonight (Tuesday, 1/16) at 7:17. This is an especially good one for really evaluating what you want. What do you want over the next month, what do you want out of this life? Maybe it’s a feeling, a goal, a trip you’re planning, or a new interest you would like to pursue. Now that all of the excitement of the New Year has passed, evaluate any intentions you have set, go with those, or create some new ones.  Use the power of this New Moon in Capricorn to harness your energy, get clear, grounded and set things into motion. If you’re not sure yet what to devote your energy to, sit quietly for a little while and ask for an answer. This time is also perfect for divine guidance. Ask.

Capricorn loves stability, hard work, integrity, humility, and follow-through. Use these qualities and this energy to decide what you really want, and move forward. You have these qualities on your side, plus the gifts of the specific star constellation the Moon is sitting in. This constellation is called Uttarashada. It relates to the 10 universal laws of goodness: goodness, truthfulness, will-power, practical skills, good timing, right desire, firmness, reverence, brightness, and the ability to always rise to the top. So, you can see that everything is on your side right now. Use these powers for good and see what happens. You will be victorious!

Also, if you’ve been noticing your creativity or romantic relationships are not bursting with fullness, it could be because the energy of Venus (the planet of love, beauty, creativity) is being burned up by the sun. This happens with every planet from time to time. We just need to learn to live without the full support of this planet for a little while, then full appreciate it and ride the wave when it comes back full force. That time will come on February 20th. Venus will also, by that time, have moved from super practical Capricorn to the more dreamy and evolutionary Aquarius. I’m looking forward to that.

Mars is on the move too. Tomorrow he moves into Sagittarius. You may notice more fire and determination in your spiritual practices, and more inspiration in general. Life might feel more fun!

So, if you’re stuck on creating an intention (an intention can even be a feeling you would like to cultivate more in your life), here is a beautiful one-posture kriya that most find very enjoyable. I use it regularly when I am feeling stuck, or when I just want to relax. It is called Gurupranam. It is pretty amazing. As always, be sure to tune in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Nam 1-3x before easing into the posture, and end with 1-3 Sat Nams.

I hope this is helpful. Take what works for you, and disregard the rest. As Gurupranam will show you, you are the Guru, you are the true teacher:)

Love and Sat Nams,

Siri Karam

ps…I am offering private Kundalini Yoga and Meditation sessions online. I usually meet over FaceTime or Skype and it works out really well. I had some concerns about techy glitches (it happens rarely) and energetic connections, but I have found that they are not problems at all. Meeting with people for private sessions online has been very enjoyable and feels right. Get in touch if this is something you are interested in! It’s easier than you might think.

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