September Starcast by Siri Karam EarthTree

At 11:30 tonight (Denver time), we’ll enter the space of the New Moon. Enjoy this time of recentering and reflection as energies are always lower at this time. As we enter the new season, it is good to spend these days slowing down a bit and feeling into life.

This New Moon will occur in the larger area of Virgo, and specifically in the energy the star Uttaraphalguni. This is a maintaining energy. Bring to the forefront of your mind what you are enjoying right now, and cultivate that. Plans and dreams may also come to mind around elevating others. What can you do to enhance the world or community you live in? How can you make things even better for those around you. Create a spirit of cooperation so any work is fun and benefits all. Let tasks be lighter with cooperation and a mindset of mutual benefit and enjoyment. Maybe this is fundraising, or planting trees, or cleaning up something that needs some shine.

Also, once again, let yourself be the recipient of the service another provides. Give hospitality, but also take time to receive hospitality. A little will go a long way this month.

This month let yourself enjoy a universal love, and also take some time to appreciate those people you see every day…including your self!

Here’s a meditation that will help to build that force of self love. When we have deep love and reverence for the self, then we can truly serve and love all.

Love and Sat Nams,
Siri Karam

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