A few years ago I was at a Kundalini Yoga summer solstice festival in the New Mexican desert.  After a Kundalini Yoga class and meditation, a complete stranger walked up to me and, without a word, he handed me a small piece of wood and walked away.  I held it for a moment and took in its smooth texture and minty fragrance.  Later, I found out it was Palo Santo, a powerful, sacred wood that comes from the coastline of South America.  It is said that, when burned, this “holy stick” creates healing, positivity and protection.

I recently spoke with Antoinnette Chirinos, an energy healer and heart of Goddess of Avalon, an Earth Medicine company, about the properties of Palo Santo.  This is what she had to say about its origin and uses…

Palo Santo is a tree that grows in Ecuador and Peru. Back home in Peru we burn it to celebrate ceremonies or purify our home and selves from bad energy.

This tree is protected by our government; we can only get it after a few years of the tree being dead by natural causes. It is very sacred to us.

Palo Santo can also be used as a mosquito repellent, as a tea, to help with asthma, coughs or headaches.

It’s believed that Palo Santo works as a shield on top of your chakras…Personally, I start my day spraying Palo Santo…Not only to feel safe but because its smell brings me memories of my Grandma whom I loved so much. She would burn it at home to celebrate “El Señor de los Milagros,” a very popular Saint in Peru.

Shamans use Palo Santo in their healing ceremonies to cure the sick.

Whether you believe Palo Santo works or not, it is up to you… but like the saying goes…

“Those who don’t believe in magic….

Goddess of Avalon-Apothecary
Plant Medicine Practitioner/Energy Healing

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